TB4-FRAG Oral Spray (Thymosin Beta 4 Active Fragment), 60 Servings
photo of TB4-FRAG Oral Spray (Thymosin Beta 4 Active Fragment), 60 Servings
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Description Ingredients, Facts, and Directions

TB4-FRAG Oral Spray 500 mcg/serving (60 Servings)

Integrative Peptides TB4-Frag Oral Spray is a peppermint flavored version of the popular TB4-Frag Capsule. The TB4-Frag Oral Spray has nearly three times the amount of active ingredient compared to the TB4-Frag Capsule.

Offering peptides in oral forms, Integrative Peptides is a leader in making peptides, like the thymosin beta 4 active fragment (TB4-FRAG) peptide, affordable and accessible. Peptides are short strands of amino acids that occur naturally in the body. Thymosin beta 4 active fragment is the active part of the larger peptide thymosin beta 4 that occurs naturally in the thymus immune gland.

Key Ingredient

Integrative Peptides TB4-FRAG contains thymosin beta 4 active fragment.

Key Functions & Actions - A Review by Marty Ross MD*

The key ingredient may:

  • Balance cytokine inflammation,
  • Aid in tissue repair,
  • Support healthy mitochondria (cell energy factory) function,
  • Inhibit mast cell activation, and
  • Have antimicrobial effects.

Additional Information

TB4-FRAG Oral Spray (Thymosin Beta 4 Active Fragment), 60 Servings from Marty Ross MD Supplements is a cutting-edge natural health supplement designed to support muscle recovery, repair, and overall performance. This unique oral spray online supplement delivers targeted benefits by utilizing the power of Thymosin Beta 4, a naturally occurring protein found in the body.

With its convenient spray format, TB4-FRAG is easy to take on the go. Simply spray this online supplement under your tongue and let the active ingredients absorb for rapid absorption and maximum effectiveness.

Thymosin Beta 4 has been studied for its ability to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and support the healing process. By incorporating TB4-FRAG, a recovery supplement, into your routine, you can enhance your body's recovery capabilities, helping you bounce back quicker from intense workouts or injuries.

Make the most of your training sessions and accelerate your recovery with TB4-FRAG Oral Spray from Marty Ross MD Supplements. Experience the power of Thymosin Beta 4 and elevate your performance to the next level. Order this online supplement today!

  • Easy-to-use format
  • Discreet packaging
  • Great customer service and support

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