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Our Story

No guess work here - I handpick the best supplement brands and products so you can go about the job of healing. Out there, the world of supplements is a jungle full of false promises, fake ingredients, harmful fillers, and wasted payments.

In 2011, aiming to fix this problem, I created the first online version of Marty Ross MD Supplements in Seattle, WA. This store remains open to all from its current shipping and returns facility in Austin, TX and our customer support center in Seattle, WA.

Quality Matters

In my Seattle practice, I discovered the world of supplements is a jungle at times. Some manufacturers include substances not found on the product label or do not include the active ingredients listed. The New York State Attorney General documented how serious this problem is. In 2015, he studied supplements at Target, Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens. The study found the active ingredients listed on the label in the products only 21 percent of the time by DNA testing. In addition, 35 percent of the ingredients by DNA testing were not listed on the labels.(1) And there are other studies that show this problem.(2)

The good news is that there are many high-quality supplement manufacturers that do not have the problems I discuss above. At Marty Ross MD Supplements, I carry products I know work based on the improvements I saw in my Seattle practice. The products I carry are often only available in licensed healthcare provider offices. I take the guesswork out of quality selection so people with complex illnesses have the best chance of recovery. The brands I carry have a proven record of putting the active ingredients they list on the label in the product. I also work with brands that avoid using harmful fillers or allergic ingredients.

In Service

For most products I offer, the manufacturers set the lowest sales price. I cannot sell less than this. But because I want to help, I offer free shipping to the US on Orders over $50. And no one owes any state and local taxes; I have that covered.

I am drawn to helping the underdog. This vibrates in tune with my soul. When I opened my first clinic in 2000 I attracted people with complex illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. In 2004 I treated my first person with chronic Lyme disease, because it was the right thing to do. As a group, people living with chronic Lyme disease are outcast and medically under-served. This is due to the policies of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), government, health insurance companies, and state medical licensing boards who deny the existence of this illness and the people suffering. This medical establishment denialism is often seen with people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, low thyroid and other complex illnesses too.

After Indiana University School of Medicine in 1988, I moved to Washington, DC, to train in Georgetown's Family Medicine program treating the urban poor. My first job as a physician was working among the homeless on the streets of DC. After this I wrote healthcare law in the United States Senate, securing fair funding for people with HIV in the early 90s by rewriting key parts of the Ryan White Care Act. In 1996, I was one of the leaders setting up the nation's first publicly funded alternative medicine clinic for low income and racially under-served populations outside Seattle. I established The Healing Arts Partnership in Seattle in 2000 to practice integrative medicine using the best of natural medicines and prescriptions. I chose to help people with chronic fatiguing and complex illnesses that conventional medicine failed.

I am licensed to practice medicine in Washington state. I moved to Austin, Texas, in late 2018 to take a sabbatical from my practice. I left Washington to escape a difficult evaluation of my Lyme practice by the medical board. I am pleased to report I passed the review with flying colors -- they appear to approve of my practice. In late 2019, I returned to Seattle to re-open my medical practice as Marty Ross MD Healing Arts.

At The Healing Arts Partnership, and now Marty Ross MD Healing Arts, I see which supplements are the best to support health. I offer these and similar supplements at Marty Ross MD Supplements.


As a passionate health educator and clinical expert, I love helping people. I am very happy to hear countless stories of health improvements from people and physicians who contact me. Through Treat Lyme by Marty Ross MD, Marty Ross MD Healing Arts, and Marty Ross MD Supplements, I continue to pull for the underdog while walking my path of service.

In Health,

Marty Ross, M.D.


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